BMA Axia 2.1

BMA Axia 2.1 Pro & Axia 2.1 Office features

  • Unique Axia split seat mechanism
  • Highly adjustable
  • Control levers on both left and right
  • Excellent pelvic support
  • Unique styling
  • Variety of options
  • 5 year guarantee

BMA Axia 2.1 Pro and Axia 2.1 Office

BMA's Axia 2.1 has a 'Medium' back (390-450mm), which is the lowest back in the Axia 2 family and ideal for smaller users. The chair has a 135kg (21 stone) upper weight limit.

The Axia 2 range as a whole has been designed to provide intensive use VDU chairs that utilise the Axia mechanism principle of pelvic support. The Axia 2 chairs are highly adjustable and available with a choice of two mechanisms.

In the Axia 2.1 Pro, the angle of back relative to the seat is fixed and there are only two adjustment levers.

On the Axia 2.1 Office this angle is adjustable, activated by the addition of a third lever. Both mechanisms, Pro and Office, as with all Axia chairs, have mirror image control levers and can therefore be operated from both the right and left side of the chairs.

What makes the Axia mechanism different? Good support of the pelvis is important if the spine is to maintain its natural shape and to avoid static muscle load. It's therefore essential that the backrest and seat move synchronously so that the lower back is well supported. BMA Ergonomics has applied this synchro principle in an improved form. The seat and back move simultaneously, at a set angle on the Pro and at an angle set by the user on the Office. This gives excellent support to the pelvis. What distinguishes Axia from its competitors, however, is the fact that the front half of the seat is fixed, so that only the rear part moves with the mechanism. The result is optimum support and comfort whilst sitting passively and correct activation of back and stomach muscles when sitting actively. The split seat also ensures that the user's feet stay on the floor at all times and don't lift off, as is the case with some synchronised and knee-tilt mechanisms.

The Axia range is available in a huge range of fabric, leather or vinyl covers, including the most popular Camira fabrics, such as Phoenix, Xtreme Plus, Main Line Plus and Advantage.

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