Variér Move™

Variér Move™: a unique form of seating

The Move™ is so simple that it can’t really be called a chair. It’s more of a standing support. It has a comfortable tri-cornered saddle shaped seat and is available with 3 heights of gas stem. The circular base is graded, giving the Move™ a tilting action to adjust to your body’s different positions.

Move™ follows your body’s movement. With so much freedom for movement and therefore less strain on your back the Move™ gives you the complete freedom to concentrate. It’s perfect for home or work and can be used just about anywhere.

The stool/standing support that lets the body move fully through 360°. The disc base can come equipped with a rubber sole (which can also be fitted retrospectively) to provide an even firmer grip on slippery surfaces and to protect the floor.

Suitable for a wide range of tasks but particularly for activities that can be done in half standing, half sitting positions. Frequently used by professions such as Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Musicians and Artists.

Available in three forms: Move™ - the original, 43cm seat and 40cm diameter base; Move™ Light - 36cm seat and 40cm diameter base; and Move™ Kids - mainly for children from the age of 7 upwards, having the 36cm seat and 34cm diameter base. All are available in a variety of fabrics, leathers and base plate colours.

Variér allow you to preview any of their chairs with a variety of fabric/leather colours and frame finishes on their web site at

Recommended Retail Price inc VAT @ 20% (excl carriage)
Product / Fabric Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
Move™ / Move™ light £349.00 £439.00 £479.00 £559.00 £569.00 £599.00
Move™ kids £329.00 £419.00 £459.00 £539.00 £549.00 £579.00
Move™ / Move™ light £290.83 £365.83 £399.17 £465.83 £474.17 £499.17 Move™ kids £274.17 £349.17 £382.50 £449.17 £457.50 £482.50 -->

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