Putnam Posture Chair

Putnam Posture Chair features

  • Suitable for a range of user heights
  • 3 x height adjustments
  • Seat to knee pad distance adjustable
  • Folds down for storage/transport
  • Attractive hardwood frame on castors

Putnam Posture Chair

The Putnam Posture Chair is a wooden-framed, scissor action kneeling chair, loosely based on the original Stokke Multi. It features three height adjustments, although only the lower two are usable for any length of time. The lowest setting is normally fine for average height users at about a 73cm desk height. Seat to knee pad distance is also adjustable in three positions.

Kneeling chairs were designed to offer an excellent sitting position, with an angle of around 120° to 135° between upper leg and body. This is achieved by having a very steep forward tilt to the seat, which in turn requires a knee pad to prevent the user from sliding off the chair. As a result, some pressure is put on the shin and knee, and there is no back against which you can relax. The chair is therefore suitable for users who don’t sit for extended periods, or who get up and down regularly. For longer periods of time seated, an office chair with forward tilting seat is generally more applicable.

The Putnam Posture Chair is available in very durable Black, Blue, Grey or Beige velour, with a natural lacquered, beech frame, suitable for office, home office or domestic use. There's also a choice of either normal or viscoelastic ('Memory') foam seat pads.

Dimensions: Max L:63cm; W:46cm
Seat: W:41cm; D:32cm
Seat Height Range: 58/67/74cm (seat back edge)
Knee Pad: W:50cm; D:25cm
Packing: Boxed
Assembly Required: Push-fit castors
Price (excluding carriage)
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Putnam Posture Chair Putnam Posture Chair 1121.01 £133.75 £160.50
Putnam Posture Chair Putnam Visco Posture Chair 1121.03 £143.75 £172.50

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