Block Desk Raisers

Block Desk Raiser features

  • Simple, safe method of raising desk working surface
  • 25mm (1”) interlocking units
  • Use up to 3 units (75mm) per leg
  • Solid hardwood block construction
  • A very cost effective solution

Someone who is 168cm (5'6”) tall and someone of 188cm (6'2”) are unlikely to be able to work comfortably at the same height of desk. Desks are generally manufactured to a 'standard' height of around 73cm (28½”). This height is fine if you happen to be about 168 to 173cm (5'6” to 5'8”) tall, but if you are taller, most people will lower their chair and squat or slump forward to work. This position is far from ideal and can cause or magnify back pain, neck pain, fatigue and headaches as well as causing arm and leg problems.

The Block Desk Raisers are designed to help you raise any desk surface which has legs. They are 6cm (2.4”) square blocks, 2.5cm (1”) high, manufactured from solid hardwood and have brass locator pins that allow the blocks to be stacked in 25mm (1”) increments up to a maximum of 3 blocks, or 7.5cm (3”). This allows you to safely raise the work station to the desired height. There is a 4.5cm diameter recess in each block for the desk foot to sit in.

This is often the cheapest and most effective way of improving the working position of taller desk users.

A maximum of three units (7.5cm total) is suggested per leg. If you need more than that, talk to us about an electric desk!

Dimensions: W: 6cm, D: 6cm, H: 2.5cm
Weight: 65g each; 260g per set of 4
Price (excluding carriage)
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Set of 4 Block Desk Raiser Set of 4 Block Desk Raisers 1341.03.1 £8.25 £9.90

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