Seat & Back Support Units

What they do and how to choose

Combined seat and back units are often purchased as a 'go anywhere', multi-purpose, portable, back support. Because the seat and back are linked by some form of hinge, they work well in theatre seats, car, bus or train seats, church pews, sofas and armchairs. In fact anwhere where the user needs comfortable, consistent support for the back and pelvis. They can act as a 'raft' in soft domestic seating, helping to prevent the user from vanishing into a soft sofa or chair.

Dimensions given are H (height of back), W (width from side to side), D (depth from front to back) and T (maximum thickness of seat or back).


Backfriend BackfriendBackfriend
The Backfriend can be used on sofas and armchairs
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The original and most popular of the seat and back units. It's available with either a single or double padded seat cushion and in a variety of colours. The standard oatmeal colour is most popular and is normally in stock. Integral handle and Velcro strap for easy carrying. Click on the small image above for a PDF brochure.

Product Code inc VAT ex VAT
Single Padded (all colours) 4311.01 £61.50 £50.25
Double Padded (all colours) 4311.02 £66.00 £55.00

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Putnam Country Seat

Putnam Country Seat Putnam Country SeatPutnam Country Seat
Detachable side straps for free standing use
Putnam Country SeatPutnam Country Seat
Putnam Country Seat used as a ground seat

The Country Seat differs from the Backfriend in that it can be used as a stand-alone seat on the ground. The adjustable side straps, which double up as shoulder straps or carry handle, allow you to relax into a rocking position with a variety of seating angles. Covered in showerproof tartan material with a Tufftex underside. It can also be used in the car.

Product Code: 4311.01


Price inc VAT: £59.00

Price ex VAT: £49.17

To order or for more information call  01752 893414