Manually Height Adjustable Desks

Where desk height adjustability is required but where constant adjustment is not needed, then manually adjustable desks (also known as 'set-up' height adjustable) are the answer. These allow the desk surface to be set at an appropriate height for the individual user, usually with a range of between about 62 and 82cm. This of particular beneficial to users who are either shorter or taller than average and who find the conventional desk height of 73cm too high or too low for comfort.

Buronomic manual height adjustable office desks

The Opteam range of desks and associated furniture includes two different frame styles and numerous desk top sizes. Both manually adjustable and fixed height desks are included in the range and can be mixed and matched to suit. The 'Wave' desk top shapes can be supplied either with the flared section on the Right (confusingly, this is normally favoured by left-handed users, who have their writing area and telephone etc on the clear area to the left) or with the flared section on the Left (favoured by right-handed usesr).

Please feel free to call us if you have specific requirements or would like further information and prices on this type of desking.

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