Office Desks and Office Storage Furniture

We offer desks and associated office storage solutions from several manufacturers who, between them, can fulfil just about any desk and office furniture requirements you may have. Our specialty is the provision of height adjustable desks, whether manually or electically adjustable.

For computer users, we recommend a minimum desk surface size of 80cm deep by 120cm wide, although a 160cm width is preferable as it allows space for other tasks as well as computer operation. Most people assume that a standard 73cm desk height is fine for anyone, regardless of the user's height and that you can adjust the height of your chair so that you sit at the right height for the desk. The ideal way to set up chair and desk is to adjust your chair to a comfortable working height first, then adjust your desk height accordingly. For those who are taller than 175cm (5’9”) or for people with longer than average legs, a 73cm desk is often too low. Likewise, if you are much shorter than average, a lower desk surface or at the very least, an adjustable footrest will be required.

The set-up (manual) height adjustable desks generally offer a height range of between 62 to 82cm, but this varies a little from manufacturer to manufacturer. A huge selection of different sizes, shapes and finishes are available and offer the best value if the desk height is not being changed frequently.

The prices of electrically adjustable desks have fallen significantly in the past decade. They offer huge flexibility in working position and provide a height range from around 68 to 120cm. Again, there is a wide choice of shape, size, finish and type of mechanism. Further details are available using the link above.